Silence In The Costa Rican Jungle

I thought I would share this video of my experience in Costa Rica, I went to an amazing Personal Development Centre in the Jungles north of Nosara. It was breathtaking, the views, beaches and the people! At that time I was still pretty new to the online business world and I realized that if I wanted to take my business to the next level, I had to take myself to the next level!

We started with a five day fast, full detox program. Yoga and meditation each day and we usually ended the evening with a jungle dance party! its was pretty Awesome! I explored music and vocal workshops, learnt permaculture and had a lot of time enjoying the gardens and food forest, which then led to a dip in the pristine river that flows through the land. I challenged myself with deeper workshops, looking into the past and finding core beliefs that were causing limitation in my life, then on to “Koans” a zen buddhist technique to shock the mind intellectually to go beyond the mind and find stillness… Once we had past through this incredible journey within ourselves we went into silence for an entire week. The whole centre over 300 people, its was truly amazing.

I spent most of my days alone in the forest by a small waterfall deep in the embrace of quiet peace. The self awareness I gained was profound, almost like seeing myself from 1000 feet above. My final day in silence I went on horseback with a few friends, up around the ridge above the centre, I will never forget the feeling of being fully alive and present as we galloped across the ridge, jungle view on one side and the pacific ocean on the other! Every sensation was so intense as if I were experiencing them for the first time. I was lost in the moment!! When we arrived back it was finally time to break the silence, my experience had been so beautiful I was reluctant to speak wanting to hold onto this beautiful space I had found within myself. What a journey it was… After leaving the centre, I felt so incredibly grateful I had taken the time to explore myself in this way, the self awareness I gained has helped transform my business, my relationships and my view of life!

Here’s a video of my experience!


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